For artists

Artq offers established as well as emerging artists an opportunity to sell their work online, expand their market and connect with art lovers nationwide. We provide expert marketing and sales support in showcasing your work so you can focus on what you do best - which is creating your art.

In a nutshell, this is what we do:

  • We are an online art gallery designed to connect you with art lovers and art collectors across New Zealand,
  • We promote and champion our partner artists to help them build their profiles and following, 
  • We don't require exclusivity, so you can still be represented by other galleries.

Interested in working with us? Here is what you need to know.

Commission and fees 

You provide Artq with a selling price for your work, which shall be inclusive of GST. After deduction from the sale price of any costs incurred (such as shipping costs), Artq will be paid a commission on the sale of 40% of the net proceeds plus any costs Incurred and you will be entitled to the balance.


Artwork sale price: $1,000

Shipping charge: $30

Remaining value before commission: $970

Artq commission: $388

Seller receipt: $582


Unless Artq has elected to take possession and store your work by mutual agreement; you are solely responsible for packing your work and delivering it to a mutually agreed location for shipping to the customer.

Alternatively, you can choose to ship the artwork via a courier or mail service of your choice (in which case you will be responsible for meeting the cost of shipping and insurance, so remember to add this to the cost of the artwork when you submit this to us).


You may continue to sell your artwork in other venues and non-exclusive arrangements outside of Artq so long as your artwork has not already been sold by Artq. You shall stop offering any of the pieces of your artwork for sale through any other channels immediately after we notify you of the sale of such piece of your work. If your work is sold via another channel, you must notify Artq within 2 days of the sale, so that we may mark the work as sold.

For further details see our Terms and Conditions.