Andrea Muggeridge

It is through my creative development I have taken a unique direction towards understanding mathematics. Using my own interpretation through templates and folding paper it has allowed me to understand the different variety of shapes and patterns as well as take a more focused approach to 3 Dimensional shapes, eliminating numbers and focusing on the visual elements of shapes.
Through my practice I have isolated the most basic fundamental 3 Dimensional shapes and explored their sides, edges and angles, by experimenting with colour and texture as well as combining a variety of unconventional materials. This has allowed me to create my own 3Dimensional shapes, the Muggeridgian Solids.
I created the Muggeridgian Solids using wallpaper, silicone glue and paint and filling each shape with different materials such as rice or popcorn kernels.
The pieces are both ornamental and functional, each reflecting a different feeling or emotion. The function is to help de-stress and to aid in high anxiety situations, allowing the wearer to be able to softly touch, play and squeeze the shapes.