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Welcome to Artq.

Artq is a collective of emerging and early career artists in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

We are a diverse group of people. Some of us are fresh graduates while others have been producing for a while. What brings us together is the belief that great art should be accessible to everyone. It's as much about building our connections with the public as it is about celebrating the diversity of the art scene in Aotearoa.


Madison Kelly

Susan Videler

Antonia Boyle

Michael Greaves

Making an artwork in an integral part of everydayness. We are all creative in different ways, we just don't always acknowledge it.

Michael Greaves

If we connect with the environment and each other
through a value system based on care and love, then collectively we can enact positive change.

Meg Van Hale

I believe in the power of creativity and the strength of the collective.

Susan Videler

Ashlee O'Hagan